Project Description

Someone laid a concrete base in Towcester Northants, for a shed but however , as you can see they didn’t do it very level so we had to take it up and also completely Landscape the full back garden , we rotavated to remove the old  grass off and laid  topsoil to make it level and laid new turf and then we dugout for footings for a garden wall,    which we built using a buff  and charcoal brick furthermore then for the patio we laid a membrane weed control .Once this is done a MOT sub base which we compact with a wacker plate and then sharp sand ,which is screened and leveled and then wackett and then along with  more sharp sand is applied and screened , then we laid bracken  autumn gold Block paving with a charcoal grey edging and diamond design also then to finish off sweeped kiln-dried Block paving sand into the joints and compact again .Then removed any excess sand off and finally sprayed with  Block paving sealer the benefits of Block paving for a patio is you get a range of colours and designs to suit any property low maintenance no reporting like you get with slabs the customer was very happy with the contrasted of the colours whiched matched this property.

Project Details

Date Completed:23 March 2017
Location:Towcester Northamptonshire